Books & Materials

Adventures in Citizenship CD-ROM kit

SMHA produced an interactive CD-ROM to institutionalize the Public Policy Leadership Initiative (PPLI) process so it can be used in other venues. SMHA is working with schools to use the CD-ROM to teach citizenship, civics, and personal responsibility. It is also available to other leadership programs and grassroots organizations in Louisiana and throughout the country. Although designed for grades four through eight, parts of the kit can be used at other grade levels with various youth groups.


Make Change Happen CD-ROM kit

Learning to Make Public Policy Work For You - A Trainer's Manual. Help your group solve problems and make change happen with this innovative and creative Trainer's Manual, produced by Southern Mutual Help Association, Inc., a Louisiana nonprofit with almost four decades experience helping people develop strong, healthy and prosperous communities. The Trainer's Manual can be used with a variety of groups because you can pick and choose among the interactive and thought-provoking activities to tailor training.

Cleveland Benjamin's Dead! A Struggle for Dignity in Louisiana's Cane County

Written by Patsy Sims with photographs by Mitchel L. Osborne and published in 1981, the book tells the story of a farming community hidden deep behind southern Louisiana's "cane curtain." SMHA and its board members are prominently featured in the book.


Plantation Portraits: Women of the Louisiana Cane Fields

This beautiful book celebrates the strength and courage of women farm workers and their contribution to the South Louisiana community. Photographs and words bring the invisible presence of women field workers to light. Published in 1984.


Predatory Lending

This 62-page cartoon book warns consumers about the perils of dealing with payday loan, rent-to-own and other predatory lenders. Through an entertaining cartoon format the publication explains the tactics and exorbitant interest rates of predatory lenders and gives consumers tips on how to avoid getting "picked clean." In addition, it explains the language of loans and how to compare the cost of borrowing money or buying on credit.


Building Assets, Building Dreams

A ten-minute video documentary on Southern Mutual Help Association's history and work in rural Louisiana -- from advocacy on behalf of sugar cane field workers to helping impoverished communities rebuild themselves one house at a time.